Stay at Hotel Il Convento in Naples
Useful informations related to Coronavirus

What we do every day to make your stay safe:

- we sanitize all the rooms every day with professional products
- at the departure of each customer we sanitize mattresses, cushions and curtains with Polti HPMed combined with the special Polti Sani System Gun regulator which emits superheated dry saturated steam up to 180 ° C
- we have eliminated bedspreads, curtains, furniture cushions, doilies and anything you could fear had not been properly sanitized.
- breakfast is served in the room or in the dining room, where we have replaced our large tables with smaller ones to ensure the right spacing. The buffet is no longer available, but you can order whatever you want from our à la carte menu.
- all the common areas of the hotel are sanitized twice a day, while the reception desk and the check-in area are sanitized with each use.


Starting from 06 December 2021, it will be necessary to show the Digital Green Certificate(Covid-19 PCR test/Rapid antigen-test, vaccine or covid recovery) in order to stay at the hotel.

We are waiting for you with our usual smile, even if hidden behind a mask.